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The Source seminar was truly one of the most important things I have ever done for myself. It is a journey into the deepest parts of the psyche, and Kanta and Dennis lead with a gentle hand that is so obviously guided by the divine. I was reconnected with parts of myself which had been lost along life's journey, and the homecoming has continued for months after the seminar ended.

This seminar is an initiation, a right of passage, and a coming of age. Anyone who is in need of re-connecting with their God-child within will benefit from this work...does that leave a single one of us out? I think not!

Annette Childs, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist




(Make sure to turn on your sound)

We are currently involved in availing ourselves of new modalities to create a kinder, gentler Source experience with the same tremendous results. The new approaches are being developed from frequent travels and studies we have been making.  We are enthusiastic about incorporating some of our new discoveries and methods into this initial ‘post-traditional’ Source Seminar.

Description of Source Illumination:

Source Illumination is much more oriented to working in the LIGHT with minimal activity on the Dark Side. It is far less late nights and overly burdensome homework assignments. Most importantly, this work leads directly into brilliant use in real-time, day-to-day living. You will utilize the methods and exercises learned on a daily basis to STAY clear, calm, and Connected..

Not only will Source Illumination benefit you, but unlike the Journey, it is conducive to your taking it with those in close relationship with you, if desired. Significant others, family members, close associates all may attend together. . 

Description of the Clean Teens Class:

Aspects of the format and goals of the Teen Source Seminar being held at our Idyllwild Inshallah Retreat July 5th-11th, 2015: Tuition: $2570 for the week which includes lodging and training program.

It is an experientially based training that will incorporate meditation, breathwork, emotional clearing and ongoing Socratic interaction between the trainers and teens regarding the teens’ progression of their self-inquiry and unfolding awareness. 

Our intention is to limit participation to teens who have not yet gone off course with early drug, sexual, or other seriously distracting experiences.  This will enable these “Clean Teens” to make future decisions from a more judicious, rational, and wise vantage point.

The goal is to give teens an experience of their True and Highest Selves which they will then be able to utilize as a touchstone and anchor when making decisions and choosing directions in the oft times difficult currents of teen life.

Please feel free to contact us with further questions or concerns, or private discussion regarding your child:

760 436 5788

kanta masters and dennis holz